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After many years of experimenting with gourmet focaccia bread and pizza at home, Founders Marshall Jett and Errin Byrd decided to build a wood-fired clay oven on wheels and sell pizza at the Ballard Farmer’s Market.

The mission: Make the best pizza in the world.

Veraci Pizza began on May 3, 2004 and things were never the same after that. Every Sunday brought more and more hungry fans - and when one customer wanted a pizza party at her house – Veraci catering was born.

Krista Elledge (Errin's sister)  joined the Veraci team in 2006 as their General Manager and has helped Veraci grow in every respect. 

Veraci is now one of Seattle's most renowned and loved family businesses; building two popular brick-and-mortar pizzerias and offering private catering at events, weddings and more.

Thank you for all your support through the years.

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