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How does it work? 

Veraci brings its custom oven to your location to create a mobile wood-fired pizza kitchen.  Upon arrival we disconnect the oven from our van and unload our equipment.  We start the fire and make the dough on-site.  Then we set up our oven counters with all your pizza ingredients.  All caterings come with disposable/compostable plates, forks and napkins.  We also have buffet tables and plain black linens for your use upon request.

How is the food served?

We serve everything buffet style.  We keep the buffet fully stocked and clean during the service.  Since we are making the food in real-time and serving it directly to your guests, we cannot accommodate family style service.  Sometimes clients can rent additional serving platters and bowls and move the salad and appetizers onto these items to go on individual tables as a way of offering some food directly at the table.  The client is responsible for replating and managing these items.

How much does it cost? 

Our prices range from $1250 and up.  All our pricing is listed on our website.  If interested in a quote, please use the Catering Request Form.  It usually takes 1-3 days for someone from Veraci to return your email with a quote. 


If you have any questions, please contact Veraci by email: or call 206.898.0309

Can I choose my pizza menu?  

Yes, you can choose from our toppings ( to create your pizza menu.  Each package comes with 12 toppings of  your choice, red sauce, garlic olive oil & three cheese blend.  You can mix and match these items any way you wish.  We will usually give you a suggestion menu as a starting place but you can change it out as you wish.  We also offer Gluten Free crusts (for up to 10% of total pizza count) and Dairy Free cheese.

How long are you on-site? 

We arrive about 2 hours prior to service (2.5+ hours for weddings) to set up.  We do a 1.5 to 2 hour service and then it takes about 30 minutes to clean up. 

How much space do you need?

We need about a 15X20 foot space per oven.  This space should be relatively flat with vehicular access. 

Do you need electricity? Water?

We are totally off the grid.  Since we are wood-fired we cannot be in a covered area.

Can you park on grass?

The oven weighs about 4000 lbs so we prefer a hard surface but can make grass work as long as it isn’t too soft. 

Do you do weddings? 

Yes, we’ve been doing weddings (and catering in general) for 20 years. 

Weddings tend to be a bit more intense so we require one additional person to help expedite service.  We arrive earlier to parbake a number of the pizzas ahead of time so that when service starts we are bringing out fresh pizzas as fast as they are being consumed. 

Do you handle garbage for the event?

While we take care of our own trash, garbage service for the general trash/recycling/compost at an event can be purchased for an additional fee (depending on size of event).

Can I bring other food to a Veraci event?

Yes, we are happy to share the table with any other food you’d like to serve.

Do you have insurance for my venue?

Yes, just email Veraci your event details and we will provide them with a Certificate of Insurance.

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