Wood-Fired Authentic Neapolitan

Our Catering

We are the Pacific Northwest’s original, award-winning traveling wood-fired pizza company.  We also have our ovens in Bend, Spokane & Coeur d'Alene.

Veraci Seattle:  206.525.1813/info@veracipizza.com/ORDER ONLINE
Veraci Spokane*:  509.389.0029/spokane@veracipizza.com
Veraci Bend*:  541.668.6974/oregon@veracipizza.com


Veraci Pizza features a delicious ultra-thin artisan crust made from our secret recipe. Each batch of dough is hand formed with care. With a 3-minute or less bake time, you’re ready to enjoy fresh at it’s best in no time! We can’t wait to serve you!

*Veraci Spokane and Veraci Bend are Licensed Independent Representatives of Veraci Pizza Inc.