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Wood-Fired Authentic Neapolitan

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Veraci Seattle Menu 


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15" Whole Pies     

All pizzas come with our own three cheese blend (Romano—Parmesan—Mozzarella) unless otherwise indicated.

Gluten Free Dough is Available for Whole Pies—$3.75

Pizza Carne 

Classic PepperoniPepperoni on a savory red sauce—$19

Sicilian *NEW*  - Sopressetta salami, roasted red peppers, Castelvetrano olives, shaved parmesan on savory red sauce—$25

New Yorker - Sautéed bell peppers & sweet onions, CasCioppo Bros sausage, provolone on savory red sauce—$23

Hot Coppa - Hot coppa salami, caramelized onions, Beecher’s Flagship on garlic olive oil—$26

Molé - Molé salami from Salumi, Beecher’s Flagship, fresh mozzarella, green onions & roasted garlic on savory red sauce (limited availability)—$26

Bocconcini *NEW* - Canadian Bacon, pepperoni, CasCioppo Bros sausage, black olives on a spicy red sauce—$23 

Chicken Pesto - Grilled chicken breast & roma tomatoes on our house pesto (no nuts)—$22

Spicy Tony - CasCioppo Bros sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms & provolone on a spicy red sauce—$23

Prosciutto e Arugula *NEW*- Prosciutto, arugula, fresh mushrooms & fresh mozzarella on garlic olive oil—$25

Amante di Carne -  Pepperoni, CasCioppo Bros sausage, black olives, red onions & shaved parmesan on savory red sauce—$24

Salume - Pepperoni, hard salami, black olives, provolone & red onions on garlic olive oil—$22 

Vesuvius - Cascioppo Bros sausage, ricotta cheese & hot Calabria peppers on a spicy red sauce—$23

Pizza Vegetariana 

Three Cheese - On savory red sauce—$17  

Fresh Mushroom - Fresh mushrooms on savory red sauce—$19

Traditional Margherita - Fresh basil & fresh mozzarella (no three cheese) on savory red sauce—$20

Giardino *NEW*  Arugula, roasted peppers, red onions & chevre on savory red sauce with a garlic drizzle—$24

Tuscan - Sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives & chevre on garlic olive oil—$24

Mama Mia *NEW* - Fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, shaved parmesan & ricotta cheese on savory red sauce—$23

Verdura Deluxe  - Roma tomatoes, mushrooms & red onions on savory red sauce with a pesto drizzle—$22

Florentina - Spinach, ricotta cheese, red onion & shaved parmesan on garlic olive oil—$23

Seattle Summer - Roasted peppers, spinach, whole roasted garlic, Beecher's Flagship on savory red—$24

Green Dahlia - Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & red onion on our homemade pesto—$22


Choose any 3 of our standard toppings to create your own pie!—$23.5   


Classic Caesar* - $8 regular/$12.5 large

hearts of romaine, our homemade dressing and croutons, cracked black pepper with shaved parmesan and a side of lemon - very flavorful & authentic.

Salati Fresca - $7 regular/$11 large

our family's secret recipe of vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil and yellow onions - all marinated in a sweet vinaigrette and tossed with hearts of romaine & homemade croutons - light and simple.

Caprese Plate - $6.5 regular/$12 large (Ballard Location Only)
Add Grilled Chicken (Served Warm) - $3 reg/$4 family
Add Side of Anchovies (5 filets) - $3

Pasta - Wedgwood Location Only

Served with Focaccia Bread - Choose Penne or Spaghetti Pasta

All sauces are made from scratch in our kitchen

7 Veggie Sugo

Our House Marinara made with 7 different veggies - $8.5


Traditional Meat Sauce with ground round and sausage - $10.5

Side of Meatballs (2) - $3.75

Dolci di Veraci

D'Ambrosio Gelato (Ballard Location Only) $4.25 5 oz  /  $5.75 8 oz  
Chucknut Bay Cheesecake (Ballard Location Only) -  $4 each
Veraci's Own Mini Tiramisu* - $4 each

lady fingers soaked with espresso layered with a sweet mascarone whip, Grand Marnier & cocoa powder.

*The King County Health Department would like you to be informed that conusming raw or undercooked eggs may be hazardous to your health.