Summer 2013 Schedule

South Perry Street Market
Thursdays - 3 - 7 pm
Now Until end of October

Coeur d'Alene Market
Wednesdays - 4-7 pm
Now Until end of September

Liberty Lake Market
Saturdays - 9- 1 pm
Now Until end of September

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Veraci Pizza Spokane
Veraci Spokane's Seth Carey at the helm
The Story of Veraci Spokane...

Seth began with Veraci Seattle several years ago
and in 2009 he added to the Veraci family by
starting Veraci Spokane!   

In 2010 Laura & Bella joined the family and they
now work as a team serving customers in and
around the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area at various
events, caterings and farmer's markets.

Veraci Spokane has been well-received by
bloggers & food critics in the area.  Come and
check it out for yourself at their next event or
farmer's market!

They also do private events - do not miss your
chance for one of the tastiest and most unique
catering options out there.

Veraci Spokane in 2012 welcomed another
addition to their family...congratulations Seth, Laura
& Bella and a warm welcome to the newest pizza
baby, Archer!

And, to round out the year they were awarded
(once again) "Best Pizza in  Spokane"!  Now that is
an accomplishment!  

Here's to 2013 and to a great future for Veraci

Veraci Pizza Spokane
Seth & Laura Carey
(509) 389-0029
photo courtesy Gabe Archer
photo courtesy Erick Doxey